url-safe 128-bit UUID strings expressed in base-64 encoding

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  import b64id from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/b64id';





Why ?

A uuid is a unique identifier typically expressed as something like: 88982e7e-c87c-4758-abf2-6a36a8c3e0e0 that's too many characters!

We could instead express the same amount of data in a url-friendly way such as: iJgufsh8R1ir8mo2qMPg4A

How ?

If we want to generate a url-safe, base64 encoded id:

import b64id from 'b64id';

const id = b64id.generateId();

console.log(id); //something like: xrps2KrvTBuim1y6h-KoiA

To convert a standard uuid to url-safe, base64 format:

const id = b64id.uuidToB64('c6ba6cd8-aaef-4c1b-a29b-5cba87e2a888');

console.log(id); //something like: xrps2KrvTBuim1y6h-KoiA

To convert a url-safe, base64 id back to standard uuid format:

const id = b64id.b64ToUuid('xrps2KrvTBuim1y6h-KoiA');

console.log(id); //something like: c6ba6cd8-aaef-4c1b-a29b-5cba87e2a888