Babel 7 plugin for working with webpack aliases

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This plugin is an update of babel-plugin-webpack-alias-7 Which was itself a port of the Babel 6 version


Babel 7 plugin for working with webpack aliases.

The objective of this plugin is to provide support for yarn 2 (AKA berry), ava, and webpack configs that are defined as object returning functions.

As well as support for importing your dependencies.

Hopefully it will still work with npm, your preferred testing framework (it uses jest itself), and more 'usual' webpack configs.

Some Hints for Working With Yarn 2 (berry)

If your build works OK, but your test runs are reporting errors like:

Error: Your application tried to access <Some resolve alias you used>, but it isn't declared in your dependencies; this makes the require call ambiguous and unsound.

Then the fault is yarn's

So how can you fix it? You need to replicate your webpack resolve alias settings in your package.json dependencies as links.

Here's an example:

  • If your webpack.config includes an alias like this: Actions: path.resolve(__dirname, "src/js/actions")

  • Then add the following as a dependency in your package.json: "Actions": "link:src/js/actions"

  • Then rerun plain yarn to get it to rework all of its stuff, otherwise it won't pick up on the above change.

Note in the above link statement that there is no space before or after the colon, i.e. this works link:src/js/actions, but this doesn't link: src/js/actions.

The following is from babel-plugin-webpack-alias-7

This plugin is simply going to take the aliases defined in your webpack config and replace require paths. It is especially useful when you rely on webpack aliases to keep require paths nicer (and sometimes more consistent depending on your project configuration) but you can't use webpack in a context, for example for unit testing.



var path = require('path');

module.exports = {
    resolve: {
        alias: {
            '@libs': path.join(__dirname, '/myLibs/')


    const myLib = require('@libs/myLib');

Transpiles to:

    const myLib = require('/myLibs/myLib');


    $ npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-webpack-alias-7

Add the plugin to your .babelrc. Optionally, add a path to a webpack config file, otherwise the plugin will look for webpack.config.js or webpack.config.babel.js in the root where the build was run. Setting the config option will transform all alias destinations to be relative to the custom config.

        "plugins": [
        "env": {
            "test": {
                "plugins": [
                    [ "babel-plugin-webpack-alias-7", { "config": "./configs/webpack.config.test.js" } ]

In this example, the plugin will only be run when NODE_ENV is set to test.


Changes from the Babel 6 version

  • config option no longer uses lodash templates
  • findConfig option has been removed
  • noOutputExtension option has been removed

Change my mind on their usefulness or better yet open a PR to re-add them!