Polyfill for Ember JS API.

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  import babelPluginEmberModulesApiPolyfill from '';



This plugin transforms JavaScript modules API import statements back to the legacy "global" ember object syntax


import { inject } from "@ember/service"

back to the legacy

const inject = Ember.inject.service


npm install --save babel-plugin-ember-modules-api-polyfill


This plugin provides an API polyfill to allow ember addon authors to adopt the new JavaScript modules API whilst still maintaining backwards compatibility with older versions of Ember that do not support the new modules API.

The intention of this Babel plugin is to also allow for a transition period and allow applications to exist in a mixed state whilst transitioning from the old "global" ember object pattern, into the new modular pattern.


Using the ember-rfc176-data package, that contains the official mapping of old global object names to the new JS modules API import statements, addons that adopt the new API can be transpiled back to the legacy format if Ember-CLI detects that the host application ember version does not support the new modules API.

The plugin supports both default import Component from "@ember/component" and named import { inject } from "@ember/service" import statements, converting their syntax back to separate const variables within the source file. This transpilation is done at compile time by Ember CLI.

In order for ember addon developers to adopt this new API syntax, they must declare a dependency on ember-cli-babel:v6.6.0 or above in their package.json:

  "dependencies": {
    "ember-cli-babel": "^6.6.0"