Babel preset used at CELLULAR

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This package includes the Babel preset used at CELLULAR.



When NODE_ENV or BABEL_ENV is test:

Usage in cellular-scripts projects

The easiest way to use this configuration is with cellular-scripts, which includes it by default. You don’t need to install it separately.

Usage outside of cellular-scripts

If you want to use this Babel preset in a project not built with cellular-scripts, you can install it with following steps:

First, install Babel.

Then install babel-preset-cellular.

npm install babel-preset-react-app --save-dev

Then create a file named .babelrc with following contents in the root folder of your project:

  presets: ["cellular"]


If your project doesn't use flow, react or glamorous you can turn off these plugins to speed up the processing:

  presets: [
        flow: false,
        react: false,
        displayname: false,
        glamorous: false,

NOTE: If you use this preset with cellular-scripts this will be done automatically.