Barcode detector polyfill using zbar.wasm

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<script type="module">
  import barcodeDetectorZbar from '';


Barcode Detector Api Polyfill using zbar.wasm

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How to use

This is a very simple polyfill using zbar.wasm under the hood written in plain ES6.

You can install the polyfill with BarcodeDetectorPolyfill.setupPolyfill().

<script type="module">
  import BarcodeDetectorPolyfill from "./BarcodeDetectorPolyfill.min.js";

  console.log("Native api support", BarcodeDetectorPolyfill.checkBarcodeDetectorSupport());

Simply use like the regular api (check


This polyfill uses zbar.wasm and therefore needs to load a ~200kb bin file in order to work. The polyfill itself is 9.5kb.

Checking secure context

Webcam is only available in a secure context. Here is some sample code to help you (using Swal to show an error message).

if (!BarcodeDetectorPolyfill.checkWebcamSupport()) {
  if (!BarcodeDetectorPolyfill.checkSecureContext()) {"You need a secure context!");
  } else {"No webcam connected!");

You can try the demo

Running npm run start and see demo.html or (currently not working due to CORS issue loading the wasm file)

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