Schedule one-off and recurring tasks

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Provides an interface and APIs to schedule one-off and recurring tasks.

Support connectors: This module is not dependent on any connector module

Get started

botpress install scheduler

The scheduler module should now be available in your bot UI, and the APIs exposed.


GET /api/botpress-scheduler/schedules/upcoming

Returns a list of the upcoming schedules

GET /api/botpress-scheduler/schedules/past

Returns a list of the past schedules (history)

PUT /api/botpress-scheduler/schedules

Create a new schedule

  id: 'string', // *required*, the unique name for the schedule
  enabled: true, // *required*, whether the schedule is enabled by default
  schedule_type: 'string', // *required*, can be "cron", "natural" or "once"
  schedule: 'string', // *required*, can be a 5-part cron expression, a natural string or a date
  action: 'string' // *required*, the code to execute in the task

PUT /api/botpress-scheduler/schedules

Modify an existing schedule. Same arguments as the PUT.

DELETE /api/botpress-scheduler/schedules?id=SCHEDULE_ID

Deletes an existing schedule. This also cancels any scheduled tasks for this schedule and delete the historical entries.

DELETE /api/botpress-scheduler/done

Deletes all the historical tasks.


Pull requests are welcomed! We believe that it takes all of us to create something big and impactful.

There's a Slack community where you are welcome to join us, ask any question and even help others.

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botpress-scheduler is licensed under AGPL-3.0