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Provides an interface and APIs to manage user subscriptions to your bot.

Supported connectors: All connectors that support the Text interface

Get started

botpress install subscription

The subscription module should now be available in your bot UI, and the APIs exposed.



Your bot can offer many categories of subscriptions, for example:


Your users can subscribe and unsubscribe to one or many of these subscriptions.

Custom keywords to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to subscriptions

One or many keywords can be defined to automatically handle subscription and unsubscription.

Note: Keywords must match excatly and are case sensitive. Keywords match on any event, whether it is text or quick_replies or postback for example.

To handle subscription and unsubscription manually, see the APIs below.

Custom actions on Subscribed and Unsubscribed events

Variables exposed to the action functions:

  • bp botpress instance
  • event the original middleware event that triggered the action
  • userId the userId to send the message to
  • platform the platform on which the user is on


bp.messenger.sendText(eventId, `${event.user.first_name} thanks, you're subscribed`)


GET /api/botpress-subscription/subscriptions

Returns a list of all the subscriptions.

PUT /api/botpress-subscription/subscriptions/:category

Create a new subscription.

POST /api/botpress-subscription/subscriptions/:id

Update an existing subscription.

  category: 'string', // *required*, the name of the subscription
  sub_keywords: 'array', // *required*, array of keywords (string)
  unsub_keywords: 'array', // *required*, array of keywords (string)
  sub_action: 'string', // *required*, the action, text or a javascript function
  unsub_action: 'string', // *required*, the action, text or a javascript function
  sub_action_type: 'string', // *required*, "text" or "javascript"
  unsub_action_type: 'string' // *required*, "text" or "javascript"

DELETE /api/botpress-subscription/subscriptions/:id

Delete an existing subscription and also unsubscribes all the users subscribed to this subscription.

bp.subscription.subscribe(userId, category) -> Promise

Subscribes a user to the subscription

bp.subscription.unsubscribe(userId, category) -> Promise

Unsubscribes a user from the subscription

bp.subscription.isSubscribed(userId, category) -> Promise(bool)

Subscribes a user to the subscription

bp.subscription.getSubscribed(userId) -> Promise([categories...])

Returns a list of the categories the user is subscribed to


Pull requests are welcomed! We believe that it takes all of us to create something big and impactful. There's a Slack community where you are welcome to join us, ask any question and even help others.

Get an invite and join us now! 👉


botpress-subscription is licensed under AGPL-3.0