terrible dropbox api and express middleware

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boxing - terrible dropbox api wrapper and express middleware

you're better off not using this, cause i only wrote it to solve my needs

Express Middleware

var express = require("express");
var boxing = require("boxing");

var app = express();

// configure a session, cause i store the oAuth data
// on the session, after you authorize the app
  secret: "some secret key",
  resave: false,
  saveUninitialized: true,
  rolling: true

// mount on a path where dropbox authorization will happen
// visit to authorize this web app
// to use your dropbox account.
app.use("/dropbox", boxing.middleware({
  express: express,
  key: myDropboxAppKey,
  secret: myDropboxSecret,
  redirect: "/some-redirect/after-authorizing/dropbox"

Dropbox Client Object

var boxing = require("boxing");

var client = new boxing.Client({
  accessToken: "your oAuth2 access token"

From here, you can call the dropbox API methods.


Get the account info for the user

client.accountInfo(function(err, accountInfo){
  // ...
  // returns a JS object literal with account information


Get the latest delta cursor. This can be used to prevent the full list of all files from coming back, the first time you call the delta method

client.deltaLatestCursor(function(err, deltaCursor){
  // ...

Be sure to save the cursor result somewhere, so you can use this on the next call to the delta method.


Get the latest set of changes, based on the "cursor" that you pass in. If no cursor is specified, you will receive notice of everything in the dropbox account."(dropbox delta cursor)", function(err, delta){
  // ...
  // returns a JS object literal w/ delta information

Be sure to save the delta.cursor result somewhere, so you can use this on the next call to the delta method.


Stream the file contents down from Dropbox

client.file("/some/file.mp3", function(err, fileStream){
  // ...
  // returns a file as a stream, coming straight from dropbox


Check to see if a specified folder exists.

client.folderExists("/some/folder", function(err, exists){
  // ...

The exists boolean returns true if the specified folder is found, and is a folder (not a file).


Create a folder in the user's Dropbox. This method assumes "auto" path root.

client.createFodler("/some/folder", function(err, result){
  // ...

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Copyright ©2015 Muted Solutions, LLC.

Distributed under MIT license.