Higher order component that adds an overlay behind components and manages scroll states.

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<script type="module">
  import bpkScrimUtilsCss from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bpk-scrim-utils-css';



Higher order component that adds a scrim behind components and manages scroll states


npm install bpk-scrim-utils --save-dev
import { withScrim } from 'bpk-scrim-utils';

const Box = props => (
  <div ref={props.dialogRef}>
    <BpkButton onClick={props.onClose}>Close</BpkButton>

const BoxWithScrim = withScrim(Box);

withScrim sends all props it receives down to the component, except getApplicationElement and padded. It also adds some props that are used for a11y and closing the modal:

  • dialogRef should be set as the ref on the visible container on top of the scrim; it is used to set focus
  • onClose should be set as the onClick action on a button or a link
  • isIphone can be used to apply iPhone only styles or behaviour, as it has different scrolling behaviour

containerClassName can be used to apply styles to the full-screen container into which the enriched component is inserted (e.g. display: flex or display: grid)

Note: the pagewrap element id is a convention we use internally at Skyscanner. In most cases it should "just work".


Property PropType Required Default Value
onClose func true See prop details
getApplicationElement func true -
isIphone bool false /iPhone/i.test(typeof window !== 'undefined' ? window.navigator.platform : '')
containerClassName string false ''
closeOnScrimClick bool false true
dark bool false false

Prop Details


This is required unless closeOnScrimClick is false.