WRU widget for Most Read/Popular today recommendations for Bloomberg Quint

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import bqWruWidget from '';



Steps to install the widget in your app:-

  1. Go to your project directory in terminal.
  2. Run the following command :
npm i bq_wru_widget

Steps to use the widget:-

  • Go to the file where the widget is required.
  • Import the widget using the following piece of code :
import { renderWruWidget } from 'bq_wru_widget'; 
  • Call the "renderWruWidget" with all the parameters mentioned below in the Sample Code Description.
Sample code:
1. <div id="bq-wru-widget-popular-today-js">
2.        {
3.             renderQuintFitWruWidget(
                    widgetId: 'bq-wru-widget-popular-today-js',
                    widgetTitle: 'Popular Today',
                    userId: 'xxx-user-id-xxx',
                    articleId: 'xxx-article-id-xxx',
                    uaId: 'user123',
                    strategy: 'rreports');
8.        }
9. </div>
Sample Code Parameters Description:
  • widgetId = It's the div element id where the widget is to be appended.

  • widgetTitle = It's the Heading/Title of the widget.

  • userId = It's users id who is browsing the content.

  • articleId = The article Id for which you need recommendation

  • uaId = User Account Id (Sketchers Id)

  • strategy = Strategy for recommendations (for ex. Research reports: 'rreports' Popular today: 'mostread' ) Note ---> If any other strategy is mentioned, apart from 'mostread' or 'rreports', it will default back to 'mostread'

  • Note ---> The widget will append only once for the specified div element id (in this example "bq-wru-widget-popular-today-js")in a single page. If two or more widgets are required in a single page, different unique id names are to be provided for each widget(For example - "bq-wru-widget-popular-today-js--2", "bq-wru-widget-most-read-js" and so on).