This module adds stop testing functionality to the mocha unit testing framework.

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Brace Maybe


Brace Maybe adds the ability to skip unit tests at run-time with the mocha testing framework to only show failed tests which matter.

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A part of the Brace suite Developed with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16
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Brace Maybe help pages

Author: Robert Steckroth, Bust0ut

Licensed under: MIT


  • Finding what test failed is now possible in large unit test files.


  • Not unit tested (extensive use in many projects however).

Below is an example of how to use Brace maybe in unit tests.

var maybe = require("brace_maybe")
var it_will = global

describe("Using stop further progression methodology for dependencies in: "+path.basename(__filename), function() {

    // The it property is mutated by brace_maybe to allow for other functionality. It still has the same functionality as the original however.
    var it = maybe(it_will)
    it_will.stop = !!process.env.DRY_RUN  
    it_will.quiet = !!process.env.QUIET

    it("r_js in the system as a program", function(done) {
        it_will.stop = true
        expect((function() {try { require("requirejs"); return true; } catch(e) { return e;}})(), "could not find r.js dependency")
        // This is the only way to proceed with the other tests.
        it_will.stop = false

    describe("Running unit tests", function() {
        var requirejs
        beforeEach(function() {
            requirejs = require("requirejs")
            requirejs.config({baseUrl: path.join(__dirname, "..", "lib"), nodeRequire: require})


        // This test will never run if the requirejs module is not available above.
        it("can load the module", function(done) {

            requirejs(["yourModule"], function(mod) {

        // All of the built-in mocha it functionality works the same way.
        //it.skip("This is a skipped test", function(done) { })
        //it.only("This is the only test which will run", function(done) { })