A set of logic games to play in console mode

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Brain games

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What is it?

This is a set of puzzle games to play in console mode.

Which games are available?

  • even

    Your objective is to provide an answer to the question, whether the number given is even or not.

  • calc

    Provided with left- and right-hand operands and operator, the player has to perform an arithmetic operation.

  • gcd

    The objective here is to find the greatest common divisor of two integers.

  • progression

    Player has to find the missing member of an arithmetic progression.

  • prime

    Guess (the only thing one could do in some cases) whether the number is prime or composite!

Installation and usage

To install, you can use npm:

$ npm install -g brain-games-s376

Then you can run any game from the package by typing its title prefixed with 'brain-':

$ brain-even

Just like this:

  • brain-even asciicast

  • brain-calc asciicast

  • brain-gcd asciicast

  • brain-progression asciicast

  • brain-prime asciicast