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"Brain Games" (frontend-project-lvl1)

"Brain Games" is set of games.

For install use command: npm install -g brain_games_snetalena.

–°hoose one of the following commands to run the game from the console:

  • brain-even - Answer "yes" if given number even otherwise answer "no".
  • brain-calc - What is the result of the expression of given numbers?
  • brain-gcd - Find the greatest common divisor of given numbers.
  • brain-balance - Balance (level) the given number.
  • brain-progression - What number is missing in this progression?
  • brain-prime - Is given number a prime?

To win, you must give the correct answer to three questions in a row. If you give the wrong answer, the game will be end, and you can start it again.

Brain-even example

Brain-calc example

Brain-gcd example

Brain-progression example

Brain-prime example