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Brain games

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This project's aim is to implement a set of simple console games that require player to solve certain mathematical problems.

They're implemented using JavaScript and can be installed via npm packet manager.


npm install -g braingames-dkedition

Usage and examples

Example Usage
Even game brain-even

Player is shown a random number and must reply with yes if it is even and no otherwise.
Calc game brain-calc

Player must solve randomly generated mathematical expression.
GCD game brain-gcd

Player is presented with two random numbers and must reply with their greatest common divisor.
Balance game brain-balance

Balanced number is such that it's smallest digit differs from the largest one by no more than 1.
To balance a number one can subtract value from some digits and add it to others.
Player is expected to find a balanced number that has it's digits in ascending order.
For example, instead of 322 or 232 one should input 223.
Progression game brain-progression

Player is presented with a series of numbers that form a part of arithmetic progression.
Player's task is to fill a missing spot in that series.
Prime game brain-prime

Player is shown a random number and must reply with yes if it is prime and no otherwise.