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A Node JavaScript MVC Framework

BrainPI is a feature-rich MVC Framework, where our mission is Clean, Easy, Precise. We cover all ends of the application life-cycle, from a Routing system with before/after Middleware classes, to quickly configuring a Form Validation blueprint inside of your Model file, or writing Migrations and Cron Jobs in just a few minutes.

We aim to tackle each obstacle you, the developer, may run into.

The BrainPI App class is used to load your datasources, such as a MySQL Database, or to access a Local Filesystem, without any effort.

The SQL Classes allow for very quick SQL Building, and access to our Object Relational Mapping tool. This tool allows you to quickly define relationships in your Model Files, and make full query calls based on a one-line function, using the nature of the relationship.

The File & FileSystem classes allow very dynamic and easy access to the file systems and storage your application may be using.

The Conduct CLI (Command Line Interface) allows incredibly fast File Creation, such as building up the scaffolding for your Controllers, Models, Migrations, Cron Jobs as well as actually running the Migrations and Cron Jobs.

The Migrations system is very easy to learn and write. The Table class allows us to very easily define the specifications for our columns in a short & easy manner.

The Cron Jobs system is also very simple to learn. It uses a config() function to define the job's frequency, and a task() function, which runs during each iteration of the job.

The Middleware class allows us to write our own Middlewares to run either before or after our HTTP Request. This means any middleware you write is accessible from both the Routes and the Controller files. Both the Route and Controller Base Class allow us to access the middleware by name.

The Form Validation is easily defined in our Model file, and every time we handle a POST Request, we can call the Model's Validate method on our Request Object. It couldn't be any simpler. (Recommended To Be Used In Middleware Rather Than Controller).

These Are Just A Few Of The Great Features BrainPI Offers

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development purposes.


To get started, you'll need to have both Node & NPM Running on your machine.

To verify your installation of Node, open your command line and run:

$ node -v

If you get a response similar to:


Then you're all set.

To verify your installation of NPM, open your command line and run:

$ npm -v

If you get a response similar to:


Then you're all set.


A step by step series will help you install & get ready to start building your BrainPI Application.

We Recommend using our existing project template for proper results.

First, you need to navigate to the folder where your projects reside.

In here, run:

$ git clone

Afterwards, you'll need to run:

$ npm install


We will be releasing a guide on how to set up an Nginx System to deploy this application

Built With

  • Node.js - JavaScript Run Time Built On V8
  • NPM - For Package Management



See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Hat tip to all the authors who's projects helped make this what it is

Special Awknowledgement To ExpressJS & Pug