Svelte component for flexbox rows and columns

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<script type="module">
  import braintapperSvelteFlex from '';



Some Flexbox components for svelte.

Inspired by the layout components of AngularJS Material.

Unlike the AngularJS layout components, these have no responsive breakpoints and don't have a flex-order attribute.


Component Import

Import the components you need in your <script> tag:

  import { FlexColumn, FlexColumnCell, FlexRow, FlexRowCell } from "braintapper-svelte-flex";

Example Markup

  <!-- this creates a row with 3 cells -->
    <FlexRowCell flex="initial" >
      some content here
    <FlexRowCell flex>
      some content here
    <FlexRowCell flex="initial">
      some content here

Flex Prop Values

The <FlexRowCell> and <FlexColumnCell> take a flex prop/attribute.

Example flex attribute values

0 - 100 in increments of 5 translate to width in %

Example: <FlexRowCell flex={85}>

33 and 66 for three row/column layouts

Example: <FlexRowCell flex={33}>

When flex is present with an unmatched value in its CSS, it will fill the row/cell as required:

Example: <FlexRowCell flex>

When flex is initial, retains the initial height or width

Example: <FlexRowCell flex="initial">

When flex is auto, starts with its initial height or width but will grow or shrink as needed

Example: <FlexRowCell flex="auto">

When flex is grow, will shrink/grow as needed. Starts with a size of 100%. Same as flex="100"

Example: <FlexRowCell flex="grow">

When flex is nogrow, starts with its initial height or width but will only shrink as needed

Example: <FlexRowCell flex="nogrow">

When flex is noshrink, starts with its initial height or width but will only grow as needed

Example: <FlexRowCell flex="noshrink">

License: MIT