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React numpad

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Modified version added minimum,maximum and incrementer for number numpad

A numpad for number, date and time, built with and for React. It's written with the extensibility in mind. The idea of this project is to cover the majority of input types in a form.

Demo / Examples

Live demo:


To use React-Numpad, install it from NPM and include it in your own React build process (using Webpack, etc).

npm install --save react-numpad

At this point you can import react-numpad in your application

import NumPad from 'react-numpad';


React-NumPad generates an input field containing the selected value, so you can submit it as part of a standard form. You can also listen for changes with the onChange event property. When the value is changed, onChange(selectedValue) will fire.

React-NumPad is built based on a "main" component (NumPad.js). Following the higher-order component technique, is possible to create new components by simply overriding few common properties.

Property Type Default Description
onChange function required function called when value change and is valid.
placeholder string none text to display as input placeholder.
label string none text to display as input label.
position string flex-end Position to the screen. center, flex-start, flex-end, startBottomLeft, startBottomRight, startTopLeft, startTopRight
theme string or object numpad string as the name of the theme or object as custom styles.
value string or number none value (default) for the input field.
sync boolean false if true, callbacks calls while typing if the input is valid
inline boolean false show the component inline always visible without input field.
keyValidator function   Validates the enabled keys while typing. Only for Number 
displayRule function   Format the output value 


Input field for numeric value.

Property Type Default Description
decimal boolean or number true True allows decimal numbers or is possible to specify the number of decimals.
negative bolean true True allows negative numbers
    onChange={(value) => { console.log('value', value)}}
    placeholder={'my placeholder'}


Input field for date and time format.

Property Type Default Description
dateFormat string 'DD.MM.YYYY' Specify the date time format based on moment.js. Ex: 'DD.MM.YYYY', 'HH:mm', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm'
    onChange={(value) => { console.log('value', value)} }
    dateFormat="DD.MM.YYYY HH:mm"
    label={'Input for date and time'}

    onChange={(value) => { console.log('value', value)} }
    label={'Input for time'}


Calendar input field.

Property Type Default Description
dateFormat string MM/DD/YYYY specify a different date format.
locale string en locale for days and months
weekOffset number 0 First day of the week, by default is Sunday
markers array [] list of dates to place a marker on Calendar. The string date format must be the same as dateFormat property
min string none min value for validation
max string none max value for validation
    onChange={value => console.log('changed', value)}
    label='Data di nascita'
    markers={['01.03.2018', '06.03.2018']}

Version > 4.1.0

NumPad.Calendar with Times Picker ( can pick only hours for now )

Property Type Default Description
dateFormat string MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm specify a different date format and time.


Available date time appointments picker.

Property Type Default Description
appointmentDates object required object representing available dates with times
dateFormat string MM/DD/YYYY specify a different date format.
locale string en locale for days and months
    onChange={value => console.log("value", value)}

const appointmentDates = {
    '01.04.2018': ['08:00', '09:00', '10:00', '11:00'],
    '03.04.2018': ['08:00', '09:00', '10:00'],
    '04.04.2018': ['08:00', '09:00', '10:00', '11:00', '17:00'],
    '09.04.2018': ['08:00', '10:00', '11:00', '15:00']

Custom input

It's possible to override the InputField component by passing your input field as child component of NumPad.

<NumPad.Number onChange={(value) => console.log('value', value)}>
    <button>Click me!</button>


There is only one theme available for now, in /styles folder, numpad. Any css style is customizable using styled components.

It is possible to override a theme by defining an object with the theme properties:

const myTheme = {
  header: {
    primaryColor: '#263238',
    secondaryColor: '#f9f9f9',
    highlightColor: '#FFC107',
    backgroundColor: '#607D8B',
  body: {
    primaryColor: '#263238',
    secondaryColor: '#32a5f2',
    highlightColor: '#FFC107',
    backgroundColor: '#f9f9f9',
  panel: {
    backgroundColor: '#CFD8DC'

<NumPad.Number theme={myTheme}>

Keyboard support

0, 1, 2, ... 9: input number.

- and .: input symbol.

Esc: close keypad or calendar.

Enter: submit value.

Calendar swipe support

On mobile is possible to switch between months by swipe.


git clone
cd react-numpad/
npm install
npm start
npm run storybook

Visit localhost:6006 to see the NumPad components available so far.


npm run build

A bundle will be created in the dist directory.


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.

See our for information on how to contribute.


MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) Pietro Ghezzi 2017-2019.