Bridge messaging wrapper over nodejs amqplib

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Bridge messaging lib

This library intends to create an abstraction and some useful utility over the amqplib.


For testing facilities you can use module bridge-node-messaging/test. In that module you can find an helper amqpMockHelper function that mocks all amqp interfaces.

This helper initialize amqp mocking with amqpMockHelper.mockAmqpForTest. Mocking is based on third library called : bridge-amqplib-mocks.

Sample use case: In your test setup file : like Jest setupTestFrameworkScriptFile. Not yet tested on other languages/ test frameworks (eg. Js/Jasmine).

    // Your base amqp instance with thait compagnon init method
    import { amqp, initMessagingForConsumers } from 'src/messaging';
    // Test Amqp components, typically producer to test your consumer, etc...
    // This is the same configuration purpose of using this library (see main documentation for details)
    import { testMessagingConfiguration } from './testMessagingConfiguration';

    // Init Amqp mocks
    // Init Amqp testing utilities
    config.messaging!.components = config.messaging!.components.concat(
    beforeAll(() => {
        return initMessagingForConsumers();

In your test case :

describe('something to test', () => {
  let amqpTestProducer: any;

  beforeAll(() => {
    amqpTestProducer = amqp.getProducer('test-producer');


  describe('process', () => {
    it('expect something', () => {
      amqpTestProducer.sendMessage('test.message', PAYLOAD);
      return retry(() => expect(...).something(...));

To use amqpMockHelper in your project you need to import bridge-amqplib-mocks in your dependencies.