Main App Shell for the Brightspots Webapp

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Brightspots App - web

This project is the build using Piral. Thus, this is the app container that hosts Brightspots pilets that provide the actual application content to the end user.

Today, the pilets are:

  • Chat Pilet: Main app where all communication flows between the community.
  • Provider Admin Pilet: Admin portal for providers on the platform.


Pre Requisites

  • node & npm
  • Firebase CLI: 7.12.1
  • Piral CLI: 0.10.2


When you are ready to develop a new feature, follow these steps:

  1. git checkout -b <NEW_FEATURE_BRANCH_NAME>. See feature branch naming conventions below.
  2. Write new code and test locally: piral debug
  3. Add your changes to git: git add .
  4. Commit your changes to the branch: git commit -m "[Gitlab Issue ID] Meaningful Message"
  5. Push your changes to your branch: git push
  6. Once you are done with your feature, open a merge request to the develop branch

Merge Requests

Please follow these steps to create a merge request. Always merge into the develop branch. The master branch is managed by the maintainers.

Feature Branch Naming Conventions

In order to maintain clarity on what is being worked on, please follow these conventions:

  • Identify the Gitlab Issue associated to the feature, if there is no issue create, create one first.

  • Use the Gitlab Issue ID as the start of the branch name, followed by a one to three word descriptor of the work.

    Example) "1-gitlab-ci-build": This means that it is Gitlab Issue #1 and that I am working on the gitlab ci build job for this work item.