Brisk Models with a MongoDB backend

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Brisk: MongoDB

An extension for Brisk models that use MongoDB as a backend.


Using npm:

npm install brisk-mongodb


After the model is initialized (automatically done by Brisk) you can use any of the available methods (listed below).{ key: "value" }, function(err, data){
    if(err) return console.log(err);
    console.log("data", data);


These options can be set on the model to customize the DB

  • delete: boolean (default: true) Defines if the delete method deletes or archives items (soft delete)
  • delKey: string (default: "_archive"), sets the key used to define if an item is archived (on a soft delete state)
  • timestamps.updated: string (default: "updated"): Sets a field to record a timestamp every time the update method is pinged
  • timestamps.created: string (default: "created"): Sets a field to record a timestamp when an item is created.


The default model is extended with the following CRUD methods

  • create( data, callback )
  • update( data, callback )
  • read( query, callback )
  • delete( query, callback )

In addition, there's a compatibility layer to Mongoose for MongoDB, featuring the following methods:

  • find( query, callback )
  • findOne( query, callback )
  • findAll()
  • destroy() - Deletes items even if soft delete is activated.


Initiated by Makis Tracend ( @tracend )

Distributed through Makesites

Released under the MIT license