broccoli-appcache =================

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broccoli-appcache generates HTML5 application cache manifest file for broccoli.


var appcache = require('broccoli-appcache');

return appcache([tree1, tree2], options);

appcache can pickup the CACHE section from it's first argument, which can be an array or a single broccoli tree. The array of trees will be merge inside using broccoli-merge-trees.


    cache: [], //additional entries in cache section in the manifest file.
    network: [], //entries for the network section in the manifest file.
    fallback: [], //entries for the fallback section in the manifest file.
    settings: [], //entries for the settings section in the manifest file.
    version: uuid.v4, //function to generate the version.
    comment: '', //extra comment section will be located at right after the version section
    manifestFileName: 'app'

cache, network, fallback, & settings section allow you to add your own entries.

version is a function that will generate a new version number on the next broccoli build.

manifestFileName will define the prefix of a manifest file name, for example. the default one will be app.manifest. The suffix is chosen because node-mime will know it is text/cache-manifest. When referring to the file, you can put into your index.html.