Broccoli plugin to create json objects from directory structures

Usage no npm install needed!

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Broccoli Flatiron


Create a payload file based upon directory structure.

var flatiron = require("broccoli-flatiron");

var options = {
    outputFile: 'path/to/output/file'

var tree = flatiron(targetDirectory, options);


Available options

  • outputFile - path of the generated file
  • trimExtensions - trim file extensions object keys or not
  • prefix - use custom prefix, default: export default
  • suffix - use custom suffix, default: ;
  • persistentOutput: boolean flag passed to broccoli-plugin.
  • needCache: boolean flag passed to broccoli-plugin.

ZOMG!!! TESTS?!?!!?

Yeah, I know.

npm install
npm test


This project is distributed under the MIT license.