Build HTML pages from Markdown and HTML fragments

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  import broccoliPages from '';


Broccoli Pages Filter

Allows you to generate HTML from Markdown and HTML fragments. You can specify metadata for each page. In metadata, you can specify a Handlebars template to be used to wrap this content.

Example Page

title: Hello World
description: some text
template: default.hbs
**Beautiful World**


var MarkdownPages = require('broccoli-pages').MarkdownPages;
var HTMLPages = require('broccoli-pages').HTMLPages;
var HBSPages = require('broccoli-pages').HBSPages;
var pickFiles = require('broccoli-static-compiler');

var options = {
  templates: './templates',
  helpers: './helpers',
  partials: './templates/partials',
  globals: {
    message: "Hello World!",
    team: [ 'Bob', 'Joe', 'Mary' ]

var content = pickFiles('content', {
  srcDir: '/',
  files: ['**/*.*'],
  destDir: '/'

var html;

html = HTMLPages(content, options);
html = MarkdownPages(html, options);
html = HBSPages(html, options);

module.exports = html;

You can see an example Brocfile.js and example directory.