Adapter for custom broccoli plugins

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Broccoli Plugin Adapter

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Broccoli plugin adapter. Allows easy implementation of broccoli plugins.


'use strict'

const BroccoliPluginAdapter = require('broccoli-plugin-adapter')

const tag = require('./tag')
const Injector = require('./injector')
const livereload = require('livereload')

 * Let your plugin extend BroccoliPluginAdapter
class BroccoliLivereload extends BroccoliPluginAdapter {

    constructor(inputNodes, options) {
        super(inputNodes, options)

     * Override handle content to get access to file contents. Be aware that
     * to handle text files you have to encode the binary content.
    handleContent(path, content) {
        if (this._building) {
            return content

        // Notify live reload server that file changed

        const inject = this._injector.matches(path)

        if (inject) {
            return this._injector.inject(content)

        return content

module.exports = BroccoliLivereload


npm install broccoli-plugin-adapter --save-dev


This project is distributed under the MIT license.