Browser implementation of level-down, using Indexdb-wrapper

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BrowseDown is an browser-based alternative to level-down, which can be used as a backend for level-up, thus allowing you to use the same storage in node, browser, react-native, and mongodb.

There is another an in-browser implementation of this called level.js, which this is heavily inspired on. Unfortunately, it seems to be unmaintained and is no longer compatible with level-up.

This version is also writen on top of the useful IDBWrapper library, and I was inspired by their karma tests. I wrote the BrowseDown in Typescript and transpiled it to Javascript for npm. I also imported the entire test suite from abstract-leveldown and run them in with karma and tape in the browser.

This is tested with new versions of Firefox and Chrome on OSX and Linux. I am happy for any more testing.


To add it to your project, just:

npm install browsedown

Then use it like this:

import {browsedown} from 'browsedown';
import levelup from 'levelup';

const db = levelup(browsedown('idb-store-name'));

Dev Commands

yarn install
yarn test
yarn build