Copy your javascript assets from node_modules to another directory to be consumed by browsers

Usage no npm install needed!

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Browser assets

Simple utility to copy files from node_modules to a public directory in order to be loaded by the browser.

npm install browser-assets


Because sometimes I want to use some packages installed with npm in the browser, but loaded as native ES6 modules, so I don't need webpack, rollup or any other module bundler, simply copy these files in other directory.

How it works?

You only need to define the package names you want to use and the destination folder. This tool searches them in node_modules and read their package.json files to get the list of the files that should be copied.

The field used in package.json is the first found of the following, in this order of priority:

  • module
  • modules
  • modules.root
  • files
  • browser
  • main

If all files of a package are located in the same subdirectory, it strip that subdirectory. It's common to use subdirectories like src, dist, etc.


const assets = require('browser-assets');

const packages = ['package1', '@vendor/package2', 'package3'];
const dest = 'public/vendor';

assets(packages, dest)
    .then(files => console.log('The following vendor files were copied:', files));


There's a browser-assets command to copy files from CLI environments:

browser-assets package1 @vendor/package2 package3 --dest public/vendor