Cross-domain/tab/window communication in the browser

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  import browserBus from '';


Browser bus

This was supposed to give you seamless (offline) communication across a browser instance. Unfortunately it does not work in Safari due to the current security model.

If you just need cross-window/tab communication see browser-bus.

var bus = require('browser-bus')({
    relay: '',

bus.listen(function( m ){
    if (m === 'ping')

    console.log('Received', m);


The techniques used are:

  • postMessage for cross-origin

    A limitation of the postMessage API is that you need a reference for the window you are in contact with, meaning it only works with iframes, popups and windows you open from the origin.

  • localStorage for cross-window/tab

    Has opposite traits of the postMessage API: does not need a reference to the receiver, as it is domain-wide by default, but has no cross-domain capabilities.


var bus = new Bus({
    // if you need offline communication, use techniques to make the relay
    // available offline as well
    relay: '',

// write a message to the bus. Any JSON value is supported via JSON.stringify.

bus.listen(fn); // `fn(message)` will be called for each received message