Wrapper around localstorage, sessionstorage and cookies for json based key/value storage in browser

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Browser based Configstore

A wrapper around localstorage, sessionstorage and cookies for client side config storage



$ npm i browser-configstore


$ yarn add browser-configstore


import { getConfig, setConfig, deleteConfig, SESSION } from 'browser-configstore'

setConfig('foo', true)
console.log(getConfig('foo')) // true
console.log(getConfig('foo')) // undefined

// save an object

const obj = { count: 1, hello: 'world' }
setConfig('myObject', obj)
console.log(getConfig('myObject')) //  { count: 1, hello: 'world' }

// save in session storage
setConfig('count', 23, SESSION)
console.log(getConfig('count', SESSION)) // 23
deleteConfig('count', SESSION)
console.log(getConfig('count', SESSION)) // undefined



Mode Description
LOCAL (default) use local storage
SESSION use session storage
SESSION_OR_LOCAL get the value from session first, failing that get the value from local storage
NON_PERSISTENT Store in a memory map, won't persist if page reloads/navigates away to another page (non-single page app)

getConfig (key, mode = LOCAL)

Get value stored in key

setConfig (key, value, mode = LOCAL)

Store the given value (must be stringifyable) at the set key.

deleteConfig (key, mode = LOCAL)

Remove the given key from storage.

getCookie (key)

Gets the given key from the stored cookie.

setCookie (key, value, days = null)

Set the given value at the key in the cookie, with an optional expiry time in days on the cookie.

deleteCookie (key)

Remove the given key from the cookie.