Browserify-directory allows you to watch a directory and browserifies each file in the input directory to the output directory

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Browserify-directory watches all files in a directory and browserify's them to an output directory. Update any source files and your browserify bundle will be updated on the spot. Think of browserify-directory as super charged watchify - instead of watching files it watches an entire directory for changes and outputs those changed files, while mirroring the input directory hierarchy in the output directory.


If you are using browserify directory as a cli tool:

npm install browserify-directory -g


Browserify-directory can be used either from the command line or via its API.

Command Line

Usage: browserify-directory [input directory] [output directory] opts
   --transform, -t      Transform to apply to output files. 
                        browserify-directory assumes that the transform can be requied.
   --outputExt, -e      File extension that a transform should replace the inputPath 
                        extension with a .js extension (e.g. replacing .coffee if 
                        you are using the coffeeify transform).

You can also include any browserify options that will be passed to the browserify instance. Options should be passed as the camelcase name corresponding to options name in the browserify method .

browserify-directory does not support the -e entry point browserify option.


var browserify-directory = require("browserify-directory")

var bd = new browserify-directory(opts={inputDir: '', outputDir: ''})

Creates a browserify-directory instance d. Opts must include an inputDir and outputDir.

opts.transform specifies the transform that should be applied to browserify instances.

opts.transformExtension specifies the file extension name to change to .js if your transform needs to change file extensions (i.e. coffeeify).

opts.browserifyOpts is a dictionary of browserify options that will included in all browserify instantiations.


A function you can implement which allows you to modify each browserify instance.

inputData is a dictionary with the following data:

    b: [browserifyInstance],
    outputPath: [output path that the browserify instance will be bundled to],
    inputPath: [input path of the browserify instance]

bd.replaceExtension(filepath, expectedExtension, newExtension)

A convenience method provided in order to change file extension names - specifically with regards to transforms.


Please file any issues you find with browserify-directory and we will try to address them.