Browserslist config of all browsers that support css grid

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  import browserslistConfigCssGrid from '';


Browserslist Config CSS Grid

Do you use CSS Grid? Then this browserslist is for you!

Exports a browserslist of all browsers that support CSS Grid (browsers that have partial support, e.g. IE 11, are excluded).

npm install --save-dev browserslist-config-css-grid
  "browserslist": [
    "extends browserslist-config-css-grid"

Recommended Usage

Since browserslist-config-css-grid includes all browsers that support CSS Grid it is recommended to combine it with and queries to further limit the supported browsers.

To combine it with Browserslist's defaults list use:

  "browserslist": [
    "extends browserslist-config-css-grid and defaults"

To combine it with the last 2 versions, or > 0.2%, and browsers that are not dead, use (note that and has to come after or):

  "browserslist": [
    "last 2 versions or > 0.2% and not dead and extends browserslist-config-css-grid"

After setting up the browserslist config in your project you can run npx browserslist in the root directory to see the list of browsers.

For more info on using browserslist queries see