Bucklescript bindings to node mongodb driver

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MongoDB bindings for bucklescript

Build Status

This library contains preliminary bindings to MongoDB. There is very little documentation yet, and far from all features are implemented.

This library is need-driven, I am adding bindings as I need them. If you add bindings to this, feel free to send me a pull request.

Future breaking change - be aware

When I first created the Collection.createIndex function, I needed to pass options. But it didn't occur to me then, that the options should be options. So in a future version, the options will be passed as an optional argument. Currently there is a Collection.createIndexNoOpts for a no-options call.

Handling Async code

The mongo driver is inherently async, every result is either provided to a callback, or delivered in a Promise. I personally use the callbacks with my own async handling library.

But I didn't want to push a specific async library upon any users of this library, so in order to use the library, you construct the module through a functor, that takes a CallbackHandler as argument.

This piece of code is from my project where I bind the mongo library to my async library.

include MongoDB;

module AsyncHandler : CallbackHandler with type t('a) = Async.t('a) = {
  type t('a) = Async.t('a);
  let callbackConverter = (x:callback('a)) : Async.t('a) => x |> Async.from_js;

include Make(AsyncHandler);

If you prefer to use a (Js.Result.t('a,MongoError.t) => unit) => unit, you can do so. I might get some examples up.

And I will try to see if I can get it to work with Promises, for those who prefer this route (the underlying node library returns a promise, if no callback is passed to the aync functions).