Web source parse, node server, web static resource crawling

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For web static resource crawling.

1). You can use it as a static resource server( just make "MONITOR_ALL" be true, and set "STATIC_CACHE_PATH" to your local folder.You may need to let "AUTO_ASSORT_PATH" be false.).

2). You can use it as a tools for static resource combine when developing(set "FILE_SPLIT_SYM" and "MULTI_FILES_PREFIX" what you want, and make "STATIC_CACHE_PATH" to your local uncombined folder.).


  • Modify the configuration file "config.json".

  • Set host you want to crawl.

  • Start node server by "node server.js"

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  • STATIC_CACHE_PATH: local cache path. Windows eg."D:\bstaticsrc\cache",Mac eg."/Users/bottle/Documents/bstaticsrc"

  • FILE_SPLIT_SYM: default ",". eg. "a.js,b.js"

  • MULTI_FILES_PREFIX: default "??". eg ",b.js"

  • AUTO_ASSORT_PATH: Auto Sort by domain name, default "true"

  • MONITOR_PATHS: Monitor paths list, use keyword by function "indexOf", Useful in "MONITOR_ALL" equal "false"

  • MONITOR_ALL: Monitor all of the path.

  • SKIP_PATHS: Those paths ignored. Only useful in MONITOR_ALL be "true"

  • ALIAS_HOST: Just like "hosts" file(Use it to make "bstaticsrc" as a simple combine tools.). eg. {"" : ""}