A JavaScript data library.

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WhiteAndGray JavaScript Data Library

A JavaScript data library.


Currently, the easiest and only documented way to install this library is through jspm, so you must first install that tool globally by executing

npm install -g jspm

Then run

jspm install npm:bt-data

Building The Code

The source code of this library is written in TypeScript. To build this library from source code, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the library repository or download the source code from here.

  2. Then make sure you have NodeJS installed. This is the de facto platform for working with JavaScript projects.

  3. Open a terminal, change the directory to the project root directory and execute the following instruction

npm install
  1. Make sure that Gulp is installed. If you do not have it, run the following command in a terminal:
npm install -g gulp
  1. Build the code executing
gulp build
  1. By configuration, the output is placed in the dist/ directory, available in the form of AMD modules, or as configured in the tsconfig.json file.

Running The Tests

The unit tests are run in Karma, so you need that platform to execute them. Therefore, you have to

  1. Ensure that the Karma is installed in your system. To install it, run
npm install -g karma-cli
jspm install
  1. Run the tests with the command
karma start