BubbleChart is a JavaScript module for the comparative visualization of two dimensional data in a bubble chart.

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  import bubblechart from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bubblechart';



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BubbleChart is a JavaScript module for comparative visualization of two dimensional data in a bubble chart.


To Create a new chart you simple create a new BubbleChart Object passing it your configuration options, then to create the chart, just call .paint()

var chart = new BubbleChart({
  canvasId: "bubblechart",
  metric: "Kb",
  usedArea: 0.35,
  contain: true,
  popoverOpts: {
    textFont: "Open Sans",
  data : myCustomData()


This is the exploded view of possbile options (with included defaults)

  canvasId: "",      // id of target <canvas>
  usedArea: 0.5,     // how much of the canvas you wish to use for bubbles
  data: [],          // Array of data objects (converted into bubbles)
  metric: "",        // Label for your data metric (shown in popover)
  attribution: true, // controls "(Powered by BubbleChart)"
  fillColors: [],    // Array of colors to randomly choose from if data
                     // object lacks fillColor

  contain: false,       // keep bubbles within the canvas
  gutter: 0,            // containment gutter
  fps: 60,              // The draw rate/speed
  borderColor: "",      // Global Bubble border color
  borderSize: 0,        // Global Bubble border size
  textColor: "#fff"     // Bubble label color
  textType: "helvetica" // Font

  popoverOpts: {        // Control the look of the hover popover
    textFont: 'helvetica',
    textColor: '#fff',
    fillColor: '#333',
    opacity: 0.6,

Data Objects

Data objects are what create the bubbles. Any of these objects will cascade options set globally in the main BubbleChart Object.

Each data object's data property will determine the size of the bubble in relation to the rest of the data object's data properties. This is how you get the visual representation of your data.

  label: "Name of the thing",
  data: 10,
  metric: "this specific metric",
  borderColor: "#FFF",
  borderSize: 3,


  • IE9+ (required <canvas> support)
  • No reliance on any external JavaScript Library