A simple tape test runner that uses Buble and Reify to compile code

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  import bubleTapeRunner from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/buble-tape-runner';


Buble Tape Runner

The name buble-tape-runner is a bit misleading, because this tool uses both buble as well as reify to compile ES6 JavaScript into a form that Node can interpret. It also isn't really in any way restricted to running tape tests, that's just the purpose for which it was born. The name is simply a followup for babel-tape-runner.

How to use

Install with npm i buble-tape-runner, with appropriate save flags if you wish. Then in your test (or other) package.json script, enter buble-tape-runner <glob pattern>, where glob-pattern is e.g. test/*.js.


Buble Tape Runner is MIT licensed.