A queue with leaky bucket logic made for promises

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A queue with leaky bucket logic made for promises

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A simple queue for built for promises and throttling calls. It's great for making multiple requests to an external api that likely has some kind of rate limiting like Shopify or Github. This is designed to fit a leaky bucket strategy of rate limiting, but can fit many different throttling scenarios. Either way, it's made to be simple and easy to use.


import BucketQueue from 'bucket-queue'

// initialize
q = BucketQueue({
  calls: 6,
  perInterval: 60 * 1000,
  maxConcurrent: 4,
  tickFrequency: 100

// execute a bunch of promises
userIds.length // 40
const users = userIds.map((id) => {
  return q.add(fetch, `/user/${id}`)
    .then((res) => res.json())
    .then((user) => console.log(user.name))

// check state
// {
//   concurrent: 6,
//   bucketCount: 6,
//   queueCount: 34,
//   waiting: true
// }

// or just one
// true

// stop running


instantiate queue

const q = BucketQueue(options)


  • calls:int (default: 100) - Max number of calls per interval
  • perInterval:int (default: 60 * 1000) - Time window (in ms) for max calls to be made
  • maxConcurrent:int (default: Infinity) - Max number of concurrent promises to be running at one time
  • tickFrequency:int (default: 10) - How often (in ms) to update state

using instance

  • q.add(fn -> promise, [args]) -> Promise - Takes a function that returns a promise and an option set of args to call it with
  • q.getState([key: String]) -> Object / [String/int] - Returns a object with current state. An optional key will return that particular state
  • q.start() -> q - Starts the queue running at the specified tickFrequency or the default
  • q.stop() -> q - Stops the queue running

the state object from q.getState()

  • concurrent - How many promises are running at the current moment
  • bucketCount - How many promises have started within the current window
  • queueCount - How many promises are left on the queue
  • waiting - whether or now the queue is waiting for the bucket to drain


Download node at nodejs.org and install it, if you haven't already.

npm install bucket-queue --save