API for Budget Insight

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Budget Insight API

This package implements some of the functions of the Budget Insight API.

You can register for a free developer account at Budget Insight. This will give you access to the documentation. Be careful that some parameters and responses are not necessarily well-described.

This package is meant to be executed server-side (e.g. inside Node.js) as a trusted client. It is not meant to be executed in the browser. (The authentication model is not designed with that goal in mind.)

As a reminder, typical parameters for all queries include:

  • offset
  • limit
  • min_date
  • max_date
  • expand


npm install budget-insight
yarn add budget-insight


When instantiating this package, you will need parameters provided by Budget Insight.

Some parameters can be found in the Budget Insight Console for your domain (provided for example in https://console.budget-insight.com/domains/demo-sandbox.biapi.pro/settings):

  • Settings > API URL → url — URL prefix to the API (e.g. https://demo-sandbox.biapi.pro/2.0)
  • Settings > Manage token config → config_token
  • Settings > Manage token users → users_token
  • Settings > Manage token invoicing → invoicing_token

Other parameters are specific to one of your applications and can be found in the Console for that application (provided for example in https://console.budget-insight.com/domains/demo-sandbox.biapi.pro/client-applications):

  • Client Applications > Client ID → client_id
  • Client Applications > Client Secret → client_secret


Once you have collected the various parameters you can instantiate an agent:

const BudgetInsight = require('budget-insight')
const agent = BudgetInsight(url,{client_id,client_secret,config_token,users_token,invoicing_token})