Sync account transactions with your budgeting service!

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Sync account transactions with your budgeting service!

What's this for?

I use a budgeting service called YNAB. I'm based in the UK, while YNAB is in the USA, so their built-in account synchronization doesn't support any of my bank accounts. I finally got fed up with how flaky the third-party sync service I was using was, so I built this!

This tool is a command line interface to synchronize your accounts with your budgets. It's set up to run for me every hour from this repository via a GitHub Actions workflow, and you're welcome to fork it to have the same for yourself. Or you can install the package and run it any other way you choose.



To install:

npm install --global budget-sync

To see general usage instructions:

budget-sync help

To see usage instructions for a specific command:

budget-sync <command> help

All options can be also be set via environment variables using a SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE formatted version of the option name with a BUDGET_SYNC_ prefix. For example, the option --days-to-sync matches the environment variable named BUDGET_SYNC_DAYS_TO_SYNC.

On a schedule

  1. Fork this repository

  2. Set the GitHub respository secrets according to the .env.example file

    • You'll need to get API access tokens for the services you're using. I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

    • You'll also want to specify an account map (eg $BUDGET_SYNC_YNAB_ACCOUNT_MAP for YNAB), to tell budget-sync how your accounts match up with your budgets. We expect an account map to be stringified JSON in the following form:

      { "<budget_account_id>": "<account_provider>:<account_id>", ... }

      where <budget_account_id> is the ID of an account's internal representation in your budgeting service, <account_provider> is the name of the module to use to communicate with your account (eg monzo for Monzo), and <account_id> is the account provider's ID for your account in their API.

  3. Wait up to an hour and check the workflow ran successfully

Supported services


  • Monzo (monzo)


  • YNAB (ynab)

Open a pull request to add more!