Extract text file's content in a buffered approach

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  import bufferedTextReader from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/buffered-text-reader';



A module to read text files in the browser without having to load the whole content into memory.



Creates an instance of BufferedReader

const bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(file);

Where file is a HTML5 File.


Reads the next available line. This method can be called multiple times til EOL is reached.

const line = await bufferedReader.readLine();

To check if the EOL is reached, you can query it by using isEOL().

while (!bufferedReader.isEOL()) {
  const line = await bufferedReader.readLine();

You can, optionally, defines the chunk size to be used when trying to read a line. The default is set to 1024 bytes, but it can be overridden when calling readLine.

const line = await bufferedReader.readLine(2048);
const line = await bufferedReader.readLine(16);