Track and calculate so-called 'buffs' in Pathfinder (and other 3.5 games)

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<script type="module">
  import bufftracker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bufftracker';


Buff Tracker


// Show off the new character stuff
var buff = require('bufftracker')()

// A character
var PC1 = {id: "Lin O'Leum", type: 'PC'}

// A couple of sources
var sources = {
    "Bless": [
      {"type": "Morale", "target": "attacks", "amount": 1, "stacks": false},
      {"type": "Morale", "target": "saves vs. fear", "amount": 1, "stacks": false}
    "Divine Favor": [
      {"type": "Luck", "target": "attacks", "amount": 1, "stacks": false},
      {"type": "Luck", "target": "weapon damage", "amount": 1, "stacks": false}
// Import the sources

// Apply one of the sources
buff.applySourceToCharacter( 'Bless', "Lin O'Leum" )

So, yeah. Keep track of those pesky bonuses during a game, and thanks to the magic of CRDT (and dominictarr) everyone gets updated.

Oh, well, that part's not done yet, but it's simple enough to hook up the streams on the Doc instances and off you go. Just pipe() everything and go "Woooooo!!!" or something.

Showing All Bonuses

The most useful function for the end user will be the showBonuses() function, which returns an array of all the targets formatted with their calculated bonuses in typical Pathfinder format. See the examples directory for... ummm.. examples.

You will also find the applyFromSources() function which takes an object containing keys of the different sources of buffs along with all the buffs they provide, then imports them all into the current workspace.

Characters can be added and removed, and sources of bonuses can be applied to them or removed from them. Removing a source will obviously remove their attachment to that source as well.

Why Don't You...

As you might imagine, the BuffTracker is very data oriented.

It may be good to note here that it doesn't try to decide what applys. The important thing is to correctly craft the targets to give the player/GM information on when to apply whatever bonuses are currently in effect. The idea is not to automate the gaming but serve as an informational tool for the gaming.

One upcoming addition is to combine similar effects. That is, if you have a +2 resistance bonus to saves and a +1 to save vs. fear, then it should correctly combine them as a +2 to saves, +3 to save vs. fear.




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