Client side script for tracking JS errors

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<script type="module">
  import bugMonitorClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bug-monitor-client';


Bug Monitor Client

This script will help you track your JS errors in production.

It is a commonJS module that tracks errors in your code and sends them to a url for you to collect.

Minimum Setup

import { BugMonitorClient } from 'bug-monitor-client';

bmc: BugMonitorClient = new BugMonitorClient({
  bugMonitorUrl: 'https://your-back-end.io',
  clientName: 'your project name'


* = requried

Property Default Type Description
bugMonitorUrl* "" string URL the script is sending to
clientName* "" string Name of the project
customFields {} string, [], boolean, object A custom field that will be sent with the request
disabled false boolean can be used to disable logging in development environments
httpMethod 'POST' string HTTP method
timeout 2000 number in milliseconds This is a timeout for the xhr request to the back-end your sending to
verbose true boolean Set this to false and bug-monitor-client will only report errors

Sent Data

Data that will be sent to the collecting endpoint when an error in your JS occurs:

  'clientName': '',
  'column': 1,
  'customFields': {},
  'filename': '',
  'innerHeight': 2,
  'innerWidth': 3,
  'language': '',
  'line': 4,
  'message': '',
  'stack': '',
  'userAgent': ''

Custom Fields

Send your own data with custom fields:

bmc = new BugMonitorClient({
  bugMonitorUrl: 'https://your-back-end.io',
  clientName: 'your project name',
  customFields: {
    'string': 'foo',
    'object': {foobar: 'barfoo'},
    'array': [0, 1]

Browser Support


  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • Safari


  • Android Chrome 6
  • iOS Safari 4