@bugsnag/js error handling plugin for Hapi web servers

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  import bugsnagPluginHapi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bugsnag-plugin-hapi';



Hapi plugin to support Bugsnag. Modeled from their Express and Koa middleware.


Set up your Bugsnag client

// Just some example options here...
const options = {
  apiKey = "234sdfsd3434rfdf34r34rf"
  autoCaptureSessions: true,
  notifyReleaseStages: ["production", "sandbox", "staging"],
  releaseStage: "staging",
  filters: ['password', 'authorization']

// Create your bugsnag client however you like
const bugsnagClient = bugsnag(options)

Register the plugin

Register the plugin with your Hapi server.

const buildServer = async () => {
  // Code that initializes your server
  const server = hapi.Server({
    port: 4000,
    // Any other server options go here...

  // **** The important part ****
  // Register the plugin, passing in the client you created earlier
  bugsnagPlugin.register(server, { client: bugsnagClient })

  // Register other things etc...

  return server

Easily add properties to your bugsnag context

The plugin automatically sets up a contextualized bugsnag client on your Hapi request at: request.app.bugsnag

To access your request contextualized client: const bugsnagRequestClient = request.app.bugsnag

At any point where you have access to the request, you can add custom properties that will be reported to bugsnag on error.

// Add the current user
request.app.bugsnag.user = { id: someObject.userId }

// Add some data to an existing section or create a new section
// In this case creating a new partner section
request.app.bugsnag.metaData.partner = { id: partnerId, name: 'My partner name' }