A NodeJS module to access Bugzilla instances through the REST API.

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Typesafe access to Bugzilla's REST API.

Very early work in progress, getting info from a bug or searching bugs is the main priority right now.

No tests as yet. This is a quick and dirty implementation to support a side project I'm working on.


Creating the API instance

import BugzillaAPI from "bugzilla";

let api = new BugzillaAPI("https://bugzilla.mozilla.org", "<api key>");
await api.version();

Or for username/password authentication:

import BugzillaAPI from "bugzilla";

let api = new BugzillaAPI(
await api.version();

Retrieving bugs by ID

let bugs = await api.getBugs([123456, 123457]);

Querying bugs

You can use a quicksearch string:

let bugs = await api.quicksearch("severity:blocker,critical");

Or any advanced search which can be passed in a number of ways:

// You can just pass a full advanced search url:
let bugs = await api.advancedSearch(

// Or just the query string part:
let bugs = await api.advancedSearch(

// Or as a record:
let bugs = await api.advancedSearch({
  email1: "dtownsend@mozilla.com",
  emailassigned_to1: "1",
  resolution: "---",
  emailtype1: "exact",

Filtering bug fields

To reduce bandwidth or improve performance it is possible to filter the fields returned by functions that return bugs:

// To only retrieve certain fields.
let bug = await api.getBugs([123456]).include(["id", "product", "component"]);

// Or to filter out certain fields.
let bug = await api.getBugs([123456]).exclude(["cc_detail"]);

Assuming you use a static array the returned types will correctly reflect to available fields.

Currently the _all, _default, _extra and _custom special field shortcuts are not currently supported.

Custom fields are not currently returned.