A self organized bulma-tile custom element.

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<script type="module">
  import bulmaTile from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bulma-tile';



Build Status License: ISC

A self organized bulma-tile custom element.

Check out the basic or complex live demos.


Simply write the bulma-tile tag whenever you need one.

Optionally define vertical, which will automatically set is-vertical modifier, or size from 1 to 12 to reflect it via is-N classes.

<bulma-tile size=1 vertical>

All contextual modifiers such is-anchestor, is-parent, or is-child are added or removed automatically.

You could even drag around tiles through the inspector and see all nodes update accordingly.


  • Custom Element definition only via https://unpkg.com/bulma-tile or min.js
  • definition + class as CJS module via const BulmaTile = require('bulma-tile')
  • definition + class as ESM module via import BulmaTile from 'bulma-tile'