bundle builder for browserify

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bundle builder for browserify

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# to get the cli
$ npm install -g bundbi

$ bundbi [build name]


In your package.json's browserify config add a build object. Each value in build is the config for building a bundle. You and supply The same browserify configs detailed here.

A build also accepts these attributes:

  • main : (required) path to main entry point for browserify to build from
  • outfile : (required) file where the bundle is written to
  • external: an array of external modules. see here
  • watch : enables watchify on the main file

Any config can be added directly under the the browserify key to provide configuration for all builds. These can be overridden in each build config.

External builds

If an external list is provided, buildify will create an external build with each module in the list. By default the bundle will be written to the same path as the build outfile with -externals.js appended to the file name e.g.

given app/assets/app.js

The externals will be written to app/assets/app-externals.js

Running tests

npm test


see example for a working example.

in package.json

  "scripts" : {
    "build" : "bundbi app"
  "browserify" : {
    "transform" : ["babelify"],
    "extensions" : [
    "build" : {
      "app" : {
        "main" : "src/app.js",
        "outfile" : "../app/assets/app.js",
        "external" : [



$ npm run build


  • common externals
  • common external resolution with build level externals e.g. keep external bundles DRY
  • allow for custom paths for external bundles