Package 'required' and 'imported' dependencies

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  import bundlPack from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bundl-pack';



Pack project dependencies into one JS file. Easily include external HTML and CSS files as strings. Pre-process LESS, SASS, CoffeeScript, and more...

Supports ES6 imports via bundl-pack-babel

Default processors automatically handle the requiring/importing of the following extensions. (Default behavior can be modified or overridden, and plugins already exist to allow easy importing of many other popular file types)

  • js
  • json
  • css
  • html

Use as a plugin

$ npm install --save-dev bundl-pack
var Bundl = require('bundl');
var pack = require('bundl-pack');
var write = require('bundl-write');

var packOptions = {
    paths: ['/src/javascripts'],

new Bundl('entry.js')

Use standalone

If you want to just pass a String of contents and return the packaged result, you can do the following:

var pack = require('bundl-pack');
var fileContents = '...';
pack.create(fileContents, options, function (packed) {



By default, circular dependencies will throw an error. Set this option to true to suppress this error and continue packaging anyways.

    allowCircular: true,


A message will always be printed if a syntax error is encountered while packing. This option controls whether to halt the process or continue. Defaults to true.

    exitProcessOnError: false,


Display a comment at the top of every module showing the full module path. Defaults to true.

    leadingComments: false,


Hide relative path names from require statements (require('../path/file.js') becomes require(2))

    obscure: true,


An array of paths to use when resolving required/imported files

    paths: [


Define processors and options for files of any type. See plugins

var babelProcessor = require('bundl-pack-babel');
var lessProcessor = require('bundl-pack-less');

    css: {
        compatibility: 'ie8',
        autoInject: false,
    html: {
        removeComments: false,
    json: {
        autoInject: false,
    less: lessProcessor({
        relativeUrls: false,
    js: babelProcessor({
        presets: ['es2015'],