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Detect bundles of geometry.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a compressed (zipped .zip) directory containing either:

  • A collection of GeoJSON files relating back to their original source, plus correlating index files if needed (produced by Mapnik).
  • A single CSV/GeoJSON file, plus its correlating index file (produced by Mapnik).

Bunldes are used as an in-between format for two cases:

  1. GPX/KML sources converted to GeoJSON. Each GeoJSON file represents an individual layer from the original GPX/KML source. Additionally, depending on the size of each new GeoJSON layer, Mapnik will produce an index file per layer to help optimize tile copying.
  2. Large GeoJSON or CSV files with a correlating index file to help optimize tile copying.

A brief specification

A bundle MUST include:

  • a .zip extension
  • at least one geo file (.geojson or .csv)

A bundle MAY include:

  • one or more spatial index files (.index)
  • a metadata.json file, which is exactly the output of mapnik-omnivore
  • nested directories of files (infinite depth)
  • for GPX/KML sources, an archived copy of the original file

A bundle MAY NOT include:

  • Two different types of geo files (i.e. a .geojson AND a .csv)
  • Any geo file formats other than geojson or csv


npm install bundle-fairy



var fairy = require('bundle-fairy');

check if a file is a bundle, isBundle()

fairy.isBundle('./path/to/file.zip', function(err, isbundle) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log(isbundle); // true! or false :(

extract a bundle, extract()

// ***** exact output of this function is yet to be determined *****

fairy.isBundle('./path/to/file.zip', function(err, uri) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log(uri); // uri string to extracted directory

CLI Usage

Check if is bundle

$ bundle-fairy isbundle <zipfile>

Extract bundle

$ bundle-fairy extract <zipfile>


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