Cli for the node BundlePhobia Service

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Cli for the node BundlePhobia Service


BundlePhobia is a tool to help you find the cost of adding a npm package to your bundle. It enables you to query package sizes.


Just use npm install -g bundle-phobia-cli and you're good to go!


Once installed you will have access to different executables:

  • bundle-phobia: to query package size. Just invoke it with a list of package names and some options.
  • bundle-phobia-install: to conditionally install package if weight constraint are respected. This is a wrapper on npm install

Note that you can specify a version along with the package range such as an instance exact version lodash@4.12.0 or range version ora@^3.0.0.


# Query package size of lodash and react
$ bundle-phobia lodash react
ℹ lodash (4.17.11) has 0 dependencies for a weight of 68.51KB (24.05KB gzipped)
ℹ react (16.6.0) has 4 dependencies for a weight of 5.86KB (2.48KB gzipped)

# Perform conditional install of lodash
$ bundle-phobia-install lodash
ℹ Applying a size limit of 100KB
ℹ Proceed to installation of package lodash
+ lodash@4.17.11
added 1 package from 2 contributors and audited 1 package in 1.377s
found 0 vulnerabilities

Detailed Usage


Some option are available to control what stats are outputed by bundle-phobia.

By default an humain friendly output is provided, otherwise you can have a json output with the --json flag. In case you need just the size (or gzip) in a script, you can use the --[gzip]-size flag.

To control the packages to be queried, you can either provide them as an argument list, or you can refer a package.json file with the --package option. This would read the packages as dependencies.

Options Summary
Usage: bundle-phobia <package-name> [other-package-names...]

  --version           Show version number                              [boolean]
  --package, -p       Provide a package.json to read dependencies       [string]
  --range, -r         Get a range of version (0 for all, 8 by default)  [number]
  --json, -j          Output json rather than a formater string        [boolean]
  --size, -s          Output just the module size                      [boolean]
  --gzip-size, -g     Output just the module gzip size                 [boolean]
  --dependencies, -d  Output just the number of dependencies           [boolean]
  --self              Output bundle-phobia stats                       [boolean]
  -h, --help          Show help                                        [boolean]


bundle-phobia-install offer three kind of flags:

  • flags to specify the size constraints
  • flags to specify behavior when constraints are not respected
  • npm install flags to control it's behavior

To control the size constraint of a single package: --max-size and --max-gzip-size aliases to -m and -M. To control the overall size of dependencies: --max-overall-size and --max-overall-gzip-size aliases to -o and -O. They expect a size argument that can be either a number or a number followed by a kB, mB unit.

By default if constraint is not respected, install with failed. If you want to perform anyway with just a warning use the --warn/-w flag. If you want to be asked what to do, use the --interactive/-i.

All other options will be conveyed to npm.

Limits can also be configured in the package.json by adding a bundle-phobia section with a max-[gzip-]size key.

  "name": "bundle-phobia-install-test",
  "dependencies": {},
  "bundle-phobia": {
    "max-size": "12kB",
    "max-overall-size": "1MB"
Options Summary
Usage: bundle-phobia-install <package-name> [other-package-names...]

  --version            Show version number                             [boolean]
  --warn, -w           Install despite of negative check but warn about
                       predicate violation                             [boolean]
  --interactive, -i    Ask for override in case of predicate violation [boolean]
  --max-size, -m       Size threeshold of individual library to install [string]
  --max-gzip-size, -M  Gzip Size threeshold of individual library to install
  -h, --help           Show help                                       [boolean]