Converts JSON configuration into a proper bunyan configuration object.

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  import bunyanConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bunyan-config';



This module converts JSON configuration into a proper bunyan configuration object.

It is useful when you want/need to restrict your configuration to a JSON object, where you cannot reference process.stdout or instantiate plugins.


npm install bunyan-config --save


var jsonConfig = {
    name: 'myLogger',
    streams: [{
        stream: 'stdout' // shorthand config
    }, {
        stream: { name: 'stderr' } // full version
    }, {
        type: 'raw',
        stream: { // full version with params
            name: 'bunyan-logstash',
            // The value of `streamParams` is stream-specific.
            params: {
                host: 'localhost',
                port: 5005
    }, {
        type: 'raw',
        stream: {
            name: 'bunyan-redis',
            params: {
                host: 'localhost',
                port: 6379
    serializers: {
        req: 'bunyan:stdSerializers.req',
        fromNodeModules: 'someNodeModule',
        fromNodeModulesWithProps: 'someNodeModule:a.b.c',
        custom: './lib/customSerializers:custom',
        another: './lib/anotherSerializer',
        absolutePath: '/path/to/serializer:xyz'
    // or
    serializers: 'module:property.parent.child' // relative and absolute module references are also supported

var bunyanConfig = require('bunyan-config')(jsonConfig);

var logger = require('bunyan').createLogger(bunyanConfig); 

Supported streams

  • stdout
  • stderr
  • bunyan-logstash
  • bunyan-redis
  • bunyan-logentries

Please submit pull requests with support for additional streams.

Supported serializers

Any serializer exposed as a node module or as a (deep) property on any node module.

Relative module references are resolved from the current working directory.