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  import bunyanHubLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bunyan-hub-logger';



This module is a high level module to be used with bunyan-hub to play as a drop in replacement to tj's debug module and serve as a logging module for your iojs/node.js project.


You should have bunyan-hub installed globally first, then start it.

npm i -g bunyan-hub
bunyanhub start

then install bunyan-hub-logger in you iojs project (or node.js project, not tested) locally

npm i --save bunyan-hub-logger



var logger = require('bunyan-hub-logger');

var log = logger('web')
// log object here is a bunyan logger with the name 'web'
log.trace('log trace')
log.debug({req: req}, 'debug http request');

/* logger options
logger(object opts) or logger(string opts)
    name: 'api', // currently debugging/logging module of your app/project
    app: 'project-a', // your app/project name
    serializers: {}, // bunyan serializers, defaults to a modified bunyan.stdSerializers which append a `uuid.v4()` to req.req_id and res.req.req_id for req and res
    streams: [], // default is using bunyan-pub-stream to send logs to local bunyan-hub, you can add more bunyan writable stream here.
if opts object is string it will be convert to { name: opts }

You need specified app name in app and module name in name since bunyan-hub is serving as a centralized log aggregator, it will recieve logs from multiple running apps. name is like namespace in tj's debug module, and different app may use the same module name for the same or different module (e.g. request namespace in frontend app and backend app...)

debug (from tj) replacement


for example you drop a line require('bunyan-hub-logger/replaceDebug')('web-a'); in your web-a app, and it using superagent as http requesting module, then you will see logging records {"name": "superagent", "app": "web-a", ... } in bunyan-web or bunyan-sub, since superagent using debug module under namespace "superagent"

console replacement


like replaceDebug, this will replace console object to send log to bunyan-hub.